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Please help me :)

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Hello all! I have a question. I own a 2007 nisaan pathfinder and have owned it since it was brand new. I am tired of it and don't have a lot of room so I want to get something different but I DO NOT want a car payment. I am a stay at home mom and would rather be able to do that and go and do with my family than buy something new. I have found some very nice 2004 odyssey ex-l for about $8000 with 90,000 or less. Do you think I would be happy with this? I want a change but not at the expense of big bucks and hassels. My husband is automotive service manager so if I did have a problem I could get it fixed at a huge discount but of course no one wants that! Just so you know my pathfinder has over 100000 miles on it and dosen't get the greatest gas mileage. Please give me any advice you can. Thank you so much!!:DD
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getting a 2004 honda odessy

Hi I had did allot of investigating of cars and vans when I went to purchase a vehicle for the family. I look at all different vehicles from American to import. The price you pay for American van like ford or Chevy, and Chrysler. you can get a Toyota sienna or Honda odyssey. which hold their retail value longer and are well sought after.

Lets put it this way you have a few choices to make your mind up. answer these questions like I did then decide.

will you be selling your vehicle in the future or keep it forever? Honda and Toyota hold resale value.

Honda Odyssey comes with all accessory's included, you don't have to add them on and raise the price.

You can fit a family of 7 nicely. the road noise is very low.
great gas mileage for a mini van. over other vehicles.

I can put a piece of 12' foot wood in the van diagonally and it will fit.

You can re-arrange seats the way you need to.

To top it off I have a 1999 Honda Odyssey ex. I bought it in 2002 with 50,000 miles on it. and payed 18,888.00 and now it has 235,000.00 miles on it and the only repair I did was rear hub. and transmission at 100,000.00 miles. Mine are mostly freeway miles though.

The final word Is I would buy another one in a second hands down.

the one you are looking out. Its a great price. Mine right now is worth 4 to 4 and half thounsand with that many miles so yes if I had the money I would buy it.
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I vote against it, 90K is too many miles. That is when the transmission and other problems start and the 100K service for timing belt/spark plug is very expensive (unless it's been done). IMHO, Mylord was just lucky.

If you're set on a Honda, get something with a 4 cylinder instead, or something with less miles.
99-04 are known for trans issues and yes the timing belt water pump and tensioners should be replaced at the 90k mark. That being said I love my van. I wouldn't get rid of it for anything short of a new one. I think the asking price is kinda high. They sell in my area for about 6k. I'd hold out for one cheaper unless this person could prove the timing stuff was done already and the trans had been replaced recently. Just my 2 cents
Not certain what an 04 should go for but if you think it fits your needs then go for it. we have an 01 ex with 190,000 miles on it (11 years old come the end of this month) with no regrets. as i describe my wife's ody, 'it is not the vehicle of my dreams but it is a dream of a vehicle' for where i don't think anyone dreams of owning a minivan, i personally don't think there is a better all around vehicle out there. as for the tranny and the 105k scheduled service, i've done them both and contrary to some people's opinion, to me they represent the cost of owning a vehicle. yes the tranny could of lasted longer but never did i wish we owned a comperable ford, chevy or toyota. that being said, we have been looking for her replacement (now going on a year...hard to justify getting rid of her resulting in our just put new goodyear triple tread tires on last month) which will be a newer honda ody touring so as to enjoy some of the features not offered back in 01. point being, 11 years of ownership still has me wanting to buy another. bottom line, honda offers a damn good product, albeit not perfect but then no one is.
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