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Please Help........

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Hi, I was just wondering do any of you folks out there with their wheels upgrade have my problem.......I recently upgraded my wheels to 17 inch (brand new 17x7.5 with +48 offset, tires are 235/55) and realized that the van is pulling slightly to the left, at 1st, I thought it was the wheels, so I bought another set of wheels, this time is directly from Japan(17x7 with +45 offset), but the problem still exist......any idea!!!!
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If it did not pull before the tire/wheel change, I would move the tires/wheels to opposite sides and see if the pull changes. If so, you might have a bad tire. It could also be that the wider section tires have magnified a problem already present.

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
It could be your alignment is out due to the larger wheels and tires. It happen to my 94 RX-7 after I switched to the larger wheels and tires til they re-aligned my car. It is driving great since they re-aligned it 2 years ago.
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