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The LX lacks the Floor rails to snap the set onto, as well as the anchor in the roof for the retractable seatbelts.

The Touring has the Floor Rails (for the center console) but still does not have the anchor in the roof for the seatbelts.

Only the EX and EX-L offered the Plus-One seat, and I believe it was standard, not an add-on.

They eventually started offering the seat on the Touring, but I'm not sure what year that was, maybe 08 or 09?

I've read some posts here about someone that retro-fitted the seat onto an LX or Touring (don't remember which) and it did not sound like an easy job to me.

For us, the seat was a requirement so I only focused on EX and EX-L when looking for a van.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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