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Return or Keep

POLL - To return or not return that is the question.

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My White Ody is on the dealer lot and I can't touch it out of principle !!

In negotiating with the dealer I was forced to make my November lease payment on a leased Civic that is being returned. Out of principle I told him that since I am making a November payment the car won't be returned till the end of the month.

Now every morning on the drive to work I see my car parked on the Honda lot with a sold sign.

Should i just bite the bullet and return the lease and pick up the Ody or wait till the end of the month and put more miles on the leased civic ?

What would you do ?
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Is the Civic due to be returned on lease ? Why are you coupling the return of the Civic to the purchase of the Ody ?

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shoot... you paid for another month - drive it and enjoy the MPGs.

unless there's going to be a problem with going over milage.


Actually the only stipulation was to bring it back in the same physical condition ( no accidents ) ... :DD

They never said anything about spirited driving :tongue: well as spirited as you can get in a Civic.
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