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Hi confused sorry where do I go to see newbie info?? Thanks
Well, besides this one, there is this one:

The link in the first post of this thread is a flash presentation done for a different forum, one for gamers. (Steam) but the gist is the same. Once you click on it, you have to wait for it to load and start playing. Some

Now because we oldies like folks to do a search before posting, here are some tips on that:
With the new forum format, the search is not that clear. If you just write some search terms into that box at the top that says "Search Community" you will get so many hits you cannot even. However, if you click the three little dots on the upper right, one of the items there is "advanced search" This gives you the opportunity to narrow your search to a specific forum, like only Odys made between 2011-2017. This really helps. When most of these old threads were created, there was only the very early 1995-1998 Odys and the 1999-2004 ones. Now there are five generations and one must narrow one search to find information relating to your specific Odyssey.

And please, please, please, put your location in your profile. It really helps. And when one does ask a question in a specific forum, do give enough information about your vehicle. We need to know: What year, what model (EX, Touring) how many miles on it. If it's old, how many miles on it when you bought it. (or if you bought it new) All this information gives us a very strong sense of where you're at as us old Hippies used to say.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts