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Power Door Wiring Issue ??

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I have been unable to find a post with anyone with the same problem. As I turn to the right in our '99 Ody the main relay clicks, the interior lights flicker on and off, and the indicator light that warns the driver's side sliding door is open begins to flicker.
As I come out of the turn this light show ends. My best guess is whatever actuates the interior lighting when the door opens has a short when turning right. I have cleaned the contacts on the door and pillar with no luck. Has anyone run into this same issue? A wiring diagram showing for the power door would be awesome. I could then check the interior lighting wiring. My wife is now hinting we get rid of the Ody. I want to keep her!!

1999 Ody 337,000 km's
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Is the power sliding door indicator light staying on with the ignition switch ON (II) and with the power sliding door
master switch ON? If so, you can read a DTC to solve.

Clean the pins and connections with an eraser.

Re-homing the Power Sliding Doors:

1. Close the power sliding door.
2. Turn the power sliding door main switch OFF.
3. Slowly open the power sliding door manually.
4. Turn the power sliding door main switch ON.
5. Press and hold the power sliding door switch to close the door you just opened manually. Continue to hold the
switch until the door is completely closed.
6. Do steps 1 thru 5 on the other power sliding door.

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Thx New Van New Dad!! Resetting the door appears to have worked. I have reset the doors in the past using your procedure but in addition, remove the clock fuse from the fuse panel at the front passenger's kick plate. I was told to remove the fuse for about 10 seconds then re-install then reset doors. Thx again!
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