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i have a 2009 EX and have noticed a few quirks. The first I think is related to this TSB:

TSB #08-078 Electrical Problems and B-CAN DTCs After Exposure to Water/Water Leaks
Applies To: 2005-2009 Odysseys

The TSB states that the power locks stop working when wet, but i have the opposite occur. The one sliding door kept locking repeatedly in wet conditions to the point you couldn't open the door. I had to turn off and on the car, initiate a lock/unlock of all doors from the driver's side and a bunch of other things until it finally worked. It could have simply been me opening and closing the door that got whatever water was in the wrong place moving.

The next issue is I think more mechanical in nature. My wife walked into the house and said she was locked out of the van and it was parked down at the mailbox still running. When I got down there, the door looked unlocked, however she must have bumped it slightly as the lock actuator was pushed just the slightest bit down. Enough to activate the lock, but not enough for the door to electronically know it was locked. When I used the key to unlock it, it moved maybe 1/4" up, if that. Our concern is we have two children under the age of two. Since the van auto locks ALL doors and only auto UNlocks the driver's side door, I can see this happening in the future when the kids are actually in there as well.

Does anyone know if there's a way to program the locks so ALL doors unlock when the car is placed in park instead of just the driver's side? That would at least be a work-around for the issue.
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