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Power Sliding Door not unlatching from Either End '06

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I have an issue with my 2006 passenger sliding door. I have searched the forums and can't find the issue to this particular problem. I have become an expert at resetting the fuses, but this appears to be an actuator issue and resetting the fuse only resets the error code and doesn't fix the problem.

It appears the actuator which "mimics" the manual pull handle is not working.

When the door is open and the open door switch is pressed, the door doesn't move because it is still locked in the open position. I can close it manually because pulling the handle disengages the lock that keeps it open.

When the door is closed and the open door switch is pressed, it opens slightly but then gets stuck at what I believe is the "half-latch" position. Pulling handle gets the door passed this point because it manually disengages the lock.

What I need to know if this sounds like an electronic actuator issue and which one it may be?

Any help would be appreciated.