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Power Steering Fluid in Brake Reservoir--Stupid Stupid Stupid

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I placed 12 oz. of power steering fluid in the brake reservoir. I would assume that the only safe thing to do is to replace the brake fluid?
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Well, after doing some web searching I learned that power steering fluid would cause deterioration of the rubber parts in the braking system.

The Pwr steering fluid was put in less than 24 hours ago. Today I will have the brake fluid replaced.

Any comments?
Before driving it, suck/absorb out as much fluid as possible, by whatever means necessary, and top off with brake fluid. You don't want any of that stuff being pushed through your system. Ideally the mechanic would do that, but how often do things work ideally? Have it towed to the dealer, or drive incredibly slowly, with your foot ready to jam on the parking brake. If you lose the master cylinder, it's going to be hard to stop that thing.
If yours is an 02, then suck as much PSF as possible out of the brake fluid reservoir -- before you drive it!

There is a little "wall" inside the reservoir that separates the front compartment from the rear.

Use a syringe with a modified marinade-injecting needle (or small tubing) in order to reach the rear compartment and suck it empty.

Use lint free coffee filters to soak up as much fluid as possible from the interior of the reservoir, prior to refilling.

You might be able to separate the reservoir from the body of the master cylinder and remove it for cleaning. It is held in place by a bolt at the base and rubber grommets in the body of the cylinder.
Thanks for the responses. I ended up doing a double flush.
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