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Power Steering Noise (Solved)

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NOTE: I have not read through all of the posts on this so I don't know if anyone has posted anything like this. If so, I hope a moderator will sticky the topic to keep it from coming up so many times.

The old style reservoir foams the fluid. Punching a hole in the screen at the bottom of the old style reservoir, running the motor for a minute or two and then flushing the fluid will solve the noise problem.


I pulled the return line from the reservoir, added a line extension and ran that to an empty milk jug. I turned the car on and the pump did its job. In a few seconds about a pint was in the jug. I turned the steering wheel with the front tires off the ground and a bit more fluid came out. I then added in some new fluid to flush the system. When that appeared clean, I attached the extended return line to the reservoir and filed with new fluid. A quick start up drained the reservoir, so I topped it up and noticed that as the fluid level came up, the noise started up again. I also noticed that the fluid was nicely foamed in the clear section of hose I used to extend the return line. Having read the TSB and the "replace the reservoir" repair, I drained the system again and more closely examined the reservoir.

I checked the reservoir for debris and noticed a few bits here and there. Having built several race motors I knew that most of the little bits of metal are released in the first few hours of break in, so I felt comfortable putting a hole in the screen after I rinsed what I could out of the reservoir. I put the second batch of fluid back in the system as another flush. Once it ran through the system with a few turns lock to lock, I disconnected the return line and drained that fluid again. I put it all back together (I had rigged it up with the reservoir on top of the motor) and put new fluid into the reservoir, turned the car on then quickly off, topped off the reservoir and ran the motor again with another couple turns lock to lock. I then turned the motor off and added a bit more fluid until I was at the top level. I then washed the motor as I was unable to do all of this without making a mess. A couple of ounces is a mess for me.

I understand some concerns about putting a hole in the filter. Some systems don't have filters at all and my belief, right or wrong, is that foamed fluid does not protect as well as mildly dirty fluid. Had I replaced the pump, I would have used a screened reservoir at least for the first few hours of operation. My quick test of the pump (running the reservoir's return line into a milk jug) told me that the pump was in good shape.

I hope that helps and I hope I have not duplicated what someone else figured out before I did. :)