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Power Tailgate Issue

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07 Touring Model:

Purchased a 1 owner Odyssey from a local Honda/Acura dealership about 2 months ago

When I use the Power Tailgate from either inside the vehicle or the key chain remote, the tailgate powers open, gets to the top and "bounces a little" and powers shut. It does not beep 3 times like the reverse is engaging, but its just like I commanded it closed when it gets to the top. It's not stuck on anything that I can tell. The remotes and buttons seem to be working normally and not "partially stuck in"

I tried pulling the fuse and putting it back in to hopefully reset the system. no dice

Any ideas?

The motor? I think it has something to do with the bounce at the top... I don't remember it doing that at first when it was working properly.

The other thing is, if I open the tailgate manually, it wont stay up and has a continual down/closing pressure associated with it.

Thanks for the advice.

I did get a decent warranty that should cover it, but there is a $100 deductible... :(
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The fact that it doesn't stay up when you open it manually leads me to believe it could be a strut problem.
It is infact the struts that are shot. Common problem with the 3rd gen Odys.
You can go to a web site like and drill down to the tailgate for a complete diagram of all the parts that make up the power tailgate assembly. If you are handy in repairing it yourself, it should be a fairly inexpensive repair. Good luck.
thanks for the fast great responses. I'll buy some struts. thanks.
Think there was a recall on some models related to the struts... (that recall's been performed on my 05 ody)
Same issue here

I have an 07 Touring model. Few months after owning it, the power tail gate did exactlly what your's is doing. Found replacement struts for about $70. Takes about 10 minutes to replace. Problem solved.

I found only one of my struts were bad. The weight of the tailgate is too heavy for one strut to support. I replaced both to be on the safe side.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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