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premium stereo + nav serial retrieval?

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ok... I tried the method described in the other forum (99-04) for retrieving the code "1+6 & turn on"... all I get with that is Diag mode... Any idea's on how to retrieve the stereo serial #?
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From what I've been told by Honda, this method doesn't work until AFTER the stereo's lost power...

On the nav system... if you press cancel + menu + map together (all 3 buttons) you'll get into diagnostic's mode... and I believe you can get the serial # from there... I see what I believe to be mine... however, until the dealership provides my new disc, and does their work, While I want to see if "downloading" will solve my issue... (it doesn't read - claims that it's unformatted) I'm not messing with it further... ;) (supposedly will get a new nav disc...)
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