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Would you like to share your tricks for preserving the seats on your Odyssey while stills securely fastening a child seat?

I put a towel under the bottom of our Cosco Triad seat. It's mounted with the LATCH anchors and tether. It is securely mounted.

After about 6-7 months, I removed it to place it in the other seat and give the original seat a break. Even with the towel, my fabric (2001 LX) has some marks that I don't think will come off. :-( It also took the top of the seat a while to get its shape back from the tether.

Am I tightening this too much? I was told to pretty much put my own weight on it, then tighten it down with the straps (or belts, if that's what you use).


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A thin rubber or cloth layer is acceptable to protect your seats, but nothing under the seat should be thick or compressible.

The tighter, the better. It should move an inch or less front-to-back or side-to-side while grasping it where the seatbelt is routed. This often does require putting your weight on the seat while pulling the belts tight. Making it so it doesn't budge at all is not necessary, and may be impossible with some carseat/vehicle combinations.

I also use a piece of clear plastic to put under the tether strap. I just cut a side off the edge of the runners you buy to protect carpet.

Your seats will still likely have depressions after years of use with carseats. A steam iron can help speed up the process of getting the cushions back to normal.
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