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Problem With CD Player

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During the past year the CD player in my wife's '99 ODY has gradually started acting up from what appears to be a heat build up problem. Although she does not use it often, except for occassional longer trips or family vacation, after playing for 30 or so minutes, the audio will become garbled and intelligible. When the CD is ejected, it feels very warm, almost hot. The CDs play fine on other CD players (home and car).

The car is kept clean and we do not have small children who would have stuck anything in the head unit. Seems odd that a player that is not used much would develop such a problem.

Has anybody had any similar experiences and able to recommend a solution? The cost of a new Honda replacement is unreasonable. Although I believe that nature of the problem is related to a material defect, the car is out of OEM warranty so I doubt Honda will even consider backing it up.
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The heat buildup is from the fact that the head unit is not far from a very toasty engine compartment and there is no A/C behind the dash. I love my CD player, but a car is a terrible environment for one: temperature extremes, vibration, dust... This is just a wild guess, but there is probably a slight defect with the laser lens or the optical steering mechanism that only manifests when the lens heats up and changes shape enough to throw things off. Again, just a WAG from someone who doesn't fix CD players for a living or anything.

It is probably not worth it to try and have it fixed out of warranty. You might check the sale and swap forum in Odyclub for someone who has replaced their Honda CD player with an aftermarket unit and wants to unload it. You also can replace the Honda unit with an aftermarket one and probably get better sound quality and more power. Getting more expensive, you might try one of the Honda changers and just not use the CD player in your head unit.

Or you may find that your need for a CD player in the Ody isn't that great after all.
I personally couldn't survive without mine, but all of us have different priorities...

Hope you get things worked out!

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