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Problems starting in cold weather

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I AM NEW TO THIS CITE AND VERY HAPPY TO JOIN. My 2000 Oddysse mini van has 119k miles. We are the original owners. Satrting December 27, 2010, During the cold weather (25 DEGREES OR BELOW) , it is giving me a problem starting in the cold weather. It will crank but not start. (it will start and run for a milli second and then turn off) If I leave my van in the garage overnight, its starts right up. My mechanic cannot figure it out. He changed the main relay and some heat sensor and I am still having the same problem. Once the car starts it will run and restart perfect until you leave it overnight outside in cold weather.

Any imput would be really appreciated.
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Since it's starting "for a milli second", the problem is either a lack of air (aka flooding) or a lack of fuel.

For the former, try pressing the gas a little while starting, to let more air into the engine. If that helps, get a MotorVac or SeaFoam cleaning of the throttle body. This is normal maintenance after 119k miles.

For the latter, turn the key to ignition for 2 seconds before cranking the engine. This cycles the fuel pump and pressurizes the injectors. Don't wait longer than 2 seconds - the fuel pump will shut off after 2 seconds if the engine isn't running.

Lastly, have someone watch the exhaust while you start the engine. Black smoke indicates engine flooding. Flooding can wash fuel into your engine oil. Smell the engine oil for any trace of fuel.
Try switching to synthetic engine oil during the winter so the engine spins more freely. Natural oil can become pretty sluggish at cold temperatures.
jcgalarza, check the fuel pump pressure. It's a long shot, but have the fuel injectors tested. They could be partially blocked and so not able to deliver enough fuel to start the engine when very cold.
Partially blocked Idle Air Control Valve? Pressing on the gas brings in air without going through the IACV.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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