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On my 2016 Odyssey EX (with push-button start), I am attempting to install the Honda OEM remote start wiring harness. The Honda part numbers are:


I have the following issues:
1. Transmission cannot be shifted out of Park to Drive (unless key inserted to press the mechanical by-pass).
2. Windshield wiper switch does not work.
3. Turn signal switch does not work.

The wiring harness has "by-pass" wiring for the wiper switch and the turn signal switch. Per the install instructions, I removed the connecter for wiper switch, connected to starter harness and connected starter harness to wiper switch. Same procedure for the Turn signal switch. Yet neither switch will work, and I am quite sure the starter harness is connected correctly, connections are fully seated, and that I have the starter harness connections on the correct switches.

Any advise on how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance.
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