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Projector fog lamps

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Now that everyone is installing the newer type, large lens fog lamp, does anyone know if the older fog lamp is available for a significantly reduced price?

Originally, both types were about the same retail price, but I would think that since the older style is no longer in demand, the price should be significantly lower. Any thoughts?
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nope. the local dealer priced the fog light assembly at $399.
Now that you mention it, I was wondering how the newer ones work as compared to the older ones. I have the older ones, and though they don't look so great, they work VERY well. Are you folks with the newer ones also pleased? Are the new ones also projectors?
THe newer ones fill the entire bumper cutout. The older ones are small and round with a black filler around them.
still interested in the round foglights? the group buy cost is $285.60 until 11/30/01 from handa. putting them on my 01 odyssey.
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