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proper tires pressure?

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I have a 2001 EX Odyssey. Does any one know the proper tires pressure, in PSI? The manual said 35 PSI, but the side wall of the tire said MAXIMUM is also 35 PSI.

My concern is when the tire is hot the pressure is also increased, so if I pumped the tires at 35 PSI as recommended by manual,
the tires pressure is actually higher than Maximum when hot (or being driven for a long time).

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The tire pressures in the manual and on the side wall are "cold" pressures.
Yes the pressure will rise when the tires warm up but they will still be at the correct pressure ie (38-40 psi) hot.
35 PSI is correct. I live in Arizona. In summer is well above 100 degrees every day. It appear to br okay for my EX Odyssey. I drove to Las Vegas a couple time with 35 PSI. It feel just find...!
Tire pressures that are listed on the door jam sticker are for the maximum payload of that vehicle. If you have less than maximum load, you can adjust your tire pressure downward proportionally. Tires will heat up if they are under inflated. If the tire pressure increases more than 5psi after driving it for awhile, you probably have too little pressure in it. Never increase it beyond the max tire pressure as listed on the tire sidewall.
Lars is right. There is a scale for pressure vs weight, but I use full cold pressure because that way I'm pretty much covered for however many people I haul. You have to watch the dealers and lube places though, I've had them adjust the tire pressures hot and then they are on the low side cold.
I vary my 3/4 ton trucks tires by 20 lbs. depending on load. 60 lbs for everyday use and 80 lbs if I am hauling brick or sand etc. or towing my fifth wheel trailer.
For best tire safety, use the placard pressure or slightly higher (when carrying a heavy load). Do not go lower than the placard number and NEVER bleed off air on a hot day when you see the pressure has increased. That is normal. Many Phord Exploder drivers have found out the hard way that tire pressures are one of the most important items to do with a vehicle. They recommended only 26 psi for those guys and, with a few months of neglect, often they would be down to the low 20s and, coupled with the "C" temperature rating of the original Firestone "rags" they came with, on a hot road, a sure recipe for disaster. I check my tire pressures weekly and, even though some tell me that is excessive, they always have proper inflation and I need not worry about failure from that cause.

My two cents..... Jerry O.
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