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My wife and I recently purchased a 2011 Honda Odyssey EX in black and we are so glad we did. We debated...I should say, I debated long and hard between the Odyssey and Sienna LE AWD. In the end, it came down to aesthetics. Although I was very attracted to the AWD, bluetooth availability, and backup camera on the Sienna, the interior looked very boring and cheap. Also I can't stand the antenna mast and don't understand why they just don't integrate it in all of their models.

We recently became a family of four and the Odyssey is convenient for carrying kids around not to mention their bikes, strollers, etc. An SUV was never an option because of it's poor mileage and lack of space...that and my wife wouldn't go for it. I'm surprised that the Odyssey does not drive like a van at all and more like a car. Growing up I remember driving my parents Volkswagen Eurovan and Chrysler T&C and those felt big and cumbersome to me.

The only thing that I do wish our Odyssey had was a backup camera or at least backup sensors. With the car being a little big, it would be nice to know that you can safely backup without the danger of hitting anything or anyone.

All in all we're very satisfied and we can only hope that the car will last a long time. :)
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