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Purchase dilema - 2005 Odyssey EXL replacing my 2004 Sienna LE

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Here's the situation - I own a 2004 Sienna LE with 90,000 miles on it. My relatives are trading in their 2005 Odyssey EXL, also with 90,000 miles on it, and have offered it to me for $11,000. It hasn't had any issues that I'm aware of, although it does have rust on the front door jams (being "repaired" right now). Is this deal too good to turn down?

I'm a lifelong Toyota owner, but haven't been totally thrilled with my Sienna. It's had a leaking radiator (common on 2004s) and a power sliding door that died. I'm guessing I can get about $9,500 for it.

Thanks for your opinions!
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Torque converters are known to fail on the '05+ Odysseys. Test drive and see if you feel a juddering on light acceleration. Also, engine mounts can go bad from the stresses of the VCM system.

What are you looking for in a van? Reliability or more luxury feel? The Sienna is probably more reliable since the engine is a non-VCM and no known transmission issues. The Odyssey EXL definitely feels more upscale than the 2004 Sienna.

I personally would go for the Odyssey. Just keep in mind you might need to drop $2300-$3,000 on a TC + engine mounts.
Thanks for the reply - you make a good point, the sole reason would be to upgrade for a more luxurious ride. Between that and the price, it's going to be tough to turn down.
11k? I would go for it if everything was in working order. just test drive it to see if there any transmission judder/shudder/droans especially at constant speeds when the eco light is on. also check if the steering wheel is hard at parking lot speed and if you here whinning noise when accelerating, and mabey check the shocks for leaks :)
I have the Sienna all cleaned up and ready to sell, that is until I finally got the opportunity to drive the Odyssey. 1. It is hard to turn the wheel at parking lot speeds. 2. It makes an awful droaning sound and has a ton of vibration when it kicks in to eco mode. 3. I was surprised how bad the wind noise was. 4. The transmission fluid was almost black.

I'm leaning towards sticking with the Sienna. Ugh!
I was gonna say, sometimes doing business with family is not a good thing.

And sounds like their Ody wasn't all that TLC'd. Another good reason to avoid the transaction.
Keep the Sienna. Sounds like the Odyssey will need $$$$ to fix up. It's not your relatives faulty maintenance just some bad model years for Honda.
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