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Hell: I picked up my '02 Ody EX with IVES and 6 cd changer from Alton Blakely in Somerset, Ky. I flew in to Louiville and they had a very nice driver pick us up. The drive was 2-1/2 hrs. I had purchased RT tickets for $81 with Continental.
When we arrived at AB, the vehicle was all prepped and ready to go. It took about 1/2 hr. for all the paperwork and checking out the features. The IVES has an excellent picture. Haven't tried the wireless headphones. I was really impressed with Tracy M., Wayne A., Mike, and the rest of their staff. They were very friendly and no non-sense folks. I belive I saved about $1000 overall. It did take 24 hrs. total to pick up the vehicle.
I am an owner of Ford Windstar and what a difference this was. This van handles much much better than the Windstar. After the first 600 miles of driving, I drove the van gently to 80 MPH. The van hugged the road and felt I was driving a very large Accord.
Overall, I would purchase another vehicle from AB because of their treatment of the customer and their reasonable pricing. The discounts were not huge but they were below sticker. They did give me mudguards and cargo tray for free. If you are within their driving/flying distance, give them a call.

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