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Question about 2011 3rd row aux input jacks

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I have all the kids videos on my iPod. I would like to plug the iPod into the 3rd aux input jacks to play the videos on the overhead screen. Problem is the jacks are in the 3rd row and the kids are too young to control the iPod themselves. Has anybody run an extension cable from those jacks to the front row so it can be controlled from the front row? Any other solutions.

FYI, I have an older iPod that outputs video through the headphone jack (not the doc connector). I have a cable that is 3.5mm mini plug on one side and RCA (R, L and video) on the other side.

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I tested the video out from my old iPod Classic to the 3rd row RCA jacks and they showed up on the overhead screen fine. In your case, since you already have the iPod video cable, all your need are RCA extension cables.

You'll have to control the video (playback, pause, fastforward, etc.) from your iPod, but the problem is you can't see the overhead screen from the front. Defintiely don't do this while you are driving.

One of these two cable options should work:


Single Cable (Includes Male + Female End Connectors)

Seperate Cable (All Male) + Connectors


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I tried to hook up my iPod touch to the aux inputs in our EX RES and when I selected the rear source I was able to select the AUX VIDEO, but the audio was greyed out and not available. I planned to use extension RCA cables (as above) but I couldn't get the audio to work. Honestly the system confuses me. I am using the correct Apple RCA cables and connector plug to connect to the rear AUX source.
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