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Hi there, i have 2 questions. The first is one I haven't seen asked in this forum (though I'm sure someone better at searching could find something), the second is a question I've seen asked but get contradictory responses.
Why, if there is no circulation in the brake lines, does the fluid in the master cylinder dirty over time? If there really is no circulation than it should stay clear, no?. That doesn't make sense to me. The water point I have no argument against, seems sound if that's actually what water does in a brake line. As you can probably guess I'm just trying to avoid removing my wheels and bleeding the lines because I rent and have no driveway/limited tools.
Here's the scoop. Connect those wires! Male to female. Binary genders.
Brake Fluid (Use Dot 3) is hygroscopic. It deteriorates inside the Master Cylinder by absorbing moisture from the air. The Brake Fluid and water do not "separate." The brake fluid also deteriorates at each brake cylinder. It turns black due to use and heat. For both reasons, the fluid deteriorates over time and needs replacement.

The normal way to bleed is to suction out the master cylinder and replace with new fluid from unopened container. Then bleed the rear brake cylinders. Keep adding fresh fluid in the master cylinder. Never allow the master cylinder to empty. Then bleed the front brakes, adding more fluid to the master cylinder.
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