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Question about song by voice

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I test drove the Touring Elite and hooked up my iPod to it. After about 30 seconds a voice told me that the iPod was done indexing. My question is if you leave the iPod hooked up in the glove compartment all the time, does it index the iPod every time you start the car and does that voice come on every time? I think it would drive me crazy.

Similarly, when you download your phone book to the car from your iPhone are all those phone numbers stored in the car itself or does it need to re-download every time you start the car. What about when you add new numbers to your phone - does it sync those new numbers automatically? Thanks.
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Not sure about the indexing. But the phone book is not 'synced' to the car. The car acts just like a bluetooth headset when connected to a phone via Bluetooth. So, the car isn't doing any real work, it is just presenting a different interface to the phone. The phonebook you see is just relayed from the phone and is not stored in the car at all.
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