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Question for those who have swapped out their factory stereo

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I just swapped out my original factory stereo in my 2001 for a nicer double din unit I can connect my phone to. I had the Metra dash kit, but opted use the original brackets instead. However, doing that I can't connect the trim ring.... I tried just pushing it in around the new unit (hoping the tabs would catch the vehicle bezel, but ended up breaking the trim ring trying to just push it in place.

I ordered another Metra kit. I'd really prefer to keep using the factory brackets rather than the cheesy brackets that come with Metra kits. I was thinking I'd just loosen the Odyssey bezel and slip the ring in there before pressing the bezel back down around the radio, but wonder if that would work, or if the trim ring would be flopping around in there. Who has used the Metra kit plastic brackets? (Seems the radio would be easy to steal using those....) Who has used the factory brackets and found another solution for attaching a trim ring?

Thanks in advance!
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