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Question on Replacing Six Disc CD Changer

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I purchased a used 2007 EX-L and it seems the CD changer is not functioning properly. When it is powered on, it seems to make a lot of clicking noise and never actually does anything. It will not load any cds and it won't eject anything (if there is anything in there).

So, I'm looking on ebay for an OEM replacement and had a couple of questions. First, how do I know for sure that what I find will work in my vehicle. I found a 2007 EX OEM cd changer, but I'm not sure if it will work in my EX-L. Is there a sure way to tell on others listed that do not tell the model type?

Second, I know about the anti-theft code and am wondering is that code associated with the vehicle or the radio itself? In other words, if I buy one of these from ebay, won't I need that code from the seller to install the system?
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CD Changer being a part of the audio system, questions need to be posted in the audio/video forum. I have moved your post but for future please post in correct forums to prevent thread locks.

The EX and EX-L both had the same radios unless you have NAV/RES then the radios between a plain EX/EX-L are the ones for EX-L R&N were different. The code is in the radio itself so you would need the seller to provide you with the code. Be sure to purchase one from 2005-2007 model years as there was a slight wiring change in 2008 and though the radios look the same, the 2008 one will not be a direct plug and play in your 2007.

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