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Quick detail on our 99 Accord daily drive

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Well it has been a long time since the car got a thorough exterior clean. It has been atleast 2 years since I polished and clayed. Last July I did a thorough wash and then tested Autoglym High Definition wax and Bilt Hamber Autobalm, both held up great. Since then just Optimum No Rinse washes until a few weeks ago I applied Chemical Guys Blacklight and V7. Well I had the day off and my wifes asked if I could wash it, ah music to my ears.

While in the garage I sprayed down with Car Pro Iron X to remove iron particles
Pulled the car in the yard and washed it on the grass using CG citrus wash and citrus wash and gloss mixed in my Gilmore Foam gun
2 bucket method with CG citrus wash and citrus wash and gloss using a sheepskin mitt
Tires, wells and wheel covers cleaned with Zep Citrus
Back into the garage dried with Meguairs Water Magnets
Tires dressed with Optimum Opti Bond
Wells dressed with Meguiars Hyper Dressing and Finish Kare 350
Black rocker panel treated to Poorboys Trim restorer
Using the Griots DA I tried CG P40 but it was doing nothing to the haze look of the paint or the swirls, switched to Menz P203 and still not the results I was after, stepped up to Meguiars D300 compound and an Orange Lake Country 5.5" pad and perfect the cut and clarity I was looking for I could have went right to my LSP after
Final polish with Buff and Shine black pad with CG P40, pictures show no difference but in person you can see added gloss
I was using CG polish towels to remove the polish
Applied CG Jet Seal using GG DA and black Buff & Shine pad this stuff was so easy to apply and buffed off with ease using the CG white polish towels
LSP was Naviwax Ultimate applied one panel at a time and this added a nice warm wet look

Pictures, some taken with my cell and others with my camera when I finally found it

Iron X


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