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Selling these for you people needing parts. I got all this stuff from Japan (RA1 Odyssey 95-98 Fitment)

JDM Gialla Grille - Fiberglass Composite construction. Very strong and good condition. Has badge on underside genuine Gialla made. Repaint it the color of your car. $200 + shipping

JDM Custom Billet Aluminum Grille. No markings from maker. It looks like it was hand made, and custom at that. All hand welded aluminum, and formed plates. $225 + shipping

Air Runner / ACC Inc. 5-Gallon Steel Air Suspension Tank
Good shape. 150psi max pressure, 5 gallon capacity. Got this from Japan with my air runner kit. $75 + shipping.

If you see anything else you need, feel free to PM me.
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