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You either have the wrong card or the radio was replaced for one reason or the other. If you bought the van brand new, odds are that the stealership screwed up and gave you the wrong card. In that case, odds are that the golve box sticker might also be the wrong one.

If the radio was replaced under warranty by the prior owner (if you bought used), then either they did not get the new card or forgot to give you the new card.

In either case, the only solution is to get the code by pulling the radio out and getting the radio serial number. Once a Honda dealership has the serial number, they can get the code by using the serial #.

With a 2005, I assume you are out of warranty (unless you got HondaCare or some other extended warranty), you might come out ahead by obtaining the serial number yourself (stealership will try to charge you money to get the serial number off of the radio) and then giving the serial number to your local dealership.
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