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Radio Question

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Hello All,

I learned from this great forum that my radio sound issues was caused by coins. I was able to get the coins out but after I put everything back together instead of silence I get a faint crackling noise out of the rear speakers when trying to play a CD or DVD. Also, the radio will not lock onto a station and I get no sound. So here is my question, do I need to only replace the unit to get it working or is there an amp or wiring for the antenna that needs to be replaced as well?

I have spent about 3 hours searching (that's how I learned about the coins, pulled the unit out, emptied the coins, and put it all back together) but I haven't read whether someone replaced the unit and it all worked again. I have searched and ebay and found a couple of replacement units but before I buy I want to make sure that is all I'm going to need. Any help from someone that has gone through this is much appreciated. I have an '04 ODY EX-L-DVD. Thanks.
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Here is an update. I purchased a new unit from a junkyard for $150. I went to a dealer on the way home and with the serial number of the new unit he was able to give me the code. Brought it home, installed it, typed in the code and we now have sound through all the systems. All in all it was pretty simple. I hope this can help someone in the future.
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