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Hello all. I was at the stealership today for the srs light on my 1997 Ody & the ignition recall. While waiting, an older woman was in for an oil change on here 2007 Ody. They came into the waiting area with the cabin filter in hand. They told her how dirty it was and that she had to breath that filth every time she was in the car. But not to worry cause they could change it for only $92! She rightfully declined and called her husband for advise. He also told her not to do it. The service writer went back out to the shop and she went to the parts counter to ask the cost of the filter. They told her it was $32! So they were gonna charge her $60 dollars to install it! Crooks! I had my iPad so I looked up the filter at AutoZone and it was $15. A minute later the service writer returns and says the parts guy told him she checked the price and that they would install it for free now. Let me tell ya, my confidence in that place went right in the toilet.

PS - I also was told I could not reset the SRS light... couldn't be done. I later found the info here on this forum and reset the light myself. So far it has not come back on. Crooks I tell ya!