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I started noticing this very annoying noise. I don't drive the car that often so it took me some time to "analyze" this :)huh:).

1) The noise:
Somewhat like a rattling or squeaking noise.
More like rubber-to-metal or metal-to-metal type of noise.

2) I can't pin point where the noise is coming from.
When I am driving, I hear it from passenger seat.
Someone sitting on passenger seat tells me that the noise is from the rear area (2nd or 3rd rows)

3) noise gets worse on bumpy roads

When I am accelerating = NO noise
When I am NOT accelerating (no foot on gas) OR mild braking = I hear noise

I have a suspicion that the noise is related to a car seat (dunno which one though....)

Any ideas? or suggestions on where to check?
I plan on taking to dealer when it hits 5000 miles for first oil change.
I will definitely ask them to check out the noise, among other stuffs (wiper recall, and why is the car keep saying my iPhone is unsupported????? another annoyance)

But I would really like to know more about the possible cause of the problem so that I would be little more knowledgeable about the problem :DD
Thank you in advance.
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