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Rear AC for 1st Gens

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Even though most 1st generation Odys in the US had the roof-mounted, rear AC unit, Honda Canada evidently decided it wasn't hot enough up here to bother. The last streak of hot, humid weather tells me otherwise.

Does anyone know if it is possible to retro-fit these units? Are they connected to the main AC system, or do they function as a stand-alone? Are they available as accessories anywhere or am I left to scour wrecker yards?

Any advice on how to help me avoid baking my two-year old in the back would be greatly appreciated.
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dang you would think someone could help u on here i think they are on the same system..same compresses i know but i dont see why u couldn't put one in
That sucks.

Seems most of it is contained, just may need to get some flexible a/c lines made to length and run the freeon up there.
wow didnt realize this post was so old lol
Jeez guys... Responding to a thread from July of 2001??

I wonder if he still owns the 1st gen :confused:

To try and answer the question, there looks to be much more involved than some may think:

Rear A/C Motor:

Rear A/C Unit:

Rear A/C Pipes:

I persoanlly think it may be much cheaper to take a trip to the US of A and buy a 1st gen with the rear A/C already mounted.

Again, just my opinion...
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i know i didnt realize it was so old (STUPID) lol
Josh_in_sc said:
i know i didnt realize it was so old (STUPID) lol
Not a big deal. At least it may help someone else who's doing a search later on.

Maybe in another 9-1/2 years :p :D
2001?!! Holy resuscitation, Batman! Sorry, couldn't help it. I know others have suggested that Canadians try and buy a U.S. model from just across the border to solve the rear AC issue. I don't know how feasible that is though.
yeah i was looking at it earlier in my looks like it could be a pain in the butt i suggest having a parts van or something because u need plastic pillar parts and hoses wires it would be a night mare to sit and buy this and that it could be done but it would be a pain but i do know u might even need a stronger compressor to pump the extra freon i doubt this guy even owns his ody any more but maybe in the future it will help someone i was just trying to become more involved in this group its actually a cool place i would kinda like to meets with local ody club members gen 2 or 1 me and my dad would be there for sure
hehe...even though the reply is for a much dated post, I think it truly would not be worth the coin for somebody to retrofit it in. I think that in order to have the rear evaporator to receive and have refrigerant coolant running through it, the dual valve must be installed, let alone all the a/c lines and and an additional gas charge for the a/c system.

I've been based in Venezuela for a couple years now and call Vancouver, Canada home. But not long ago I had taken a picture while on the road. I am in the hotspot of an average of 34 degrees celcius so A/C is a true necessity.
You'd probably fair off much better doing some ghetto fabulous set up as this:
* nothing a higher output inverter can't fix

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Still Here

I'm surprised to see this resurected - I'm the OP and I still have and love my Ody (now at 210km). I never did get a rear AC unit - the kids complain, especially my middle child who rides in the 3rd row. I scour the Auto Trader postings and have occasionally seen an imported 1st gen with rear air.

I love these vans so much that even though my family has out grown it (3 kids, very tall), I've resisted getting one of the mega vans. I wish Honda would import the JDM Ody again. Sigh.

My only real complaints with these vans are lack of sound insulation, weak OE radio/speakers, and rust-prone rear wheel lips (I see it on most 1st gens in Toronto) and lower door seams.
well i may be buying a parts ody so i may hook you up:D ill stip every part that goes to the rear ac
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