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Rear Aux. Video input problem

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I apologize if my problem has been answered somewhere in the forum but I have not found any solution. I have two Ipods that I am trying to set up on the rear Aux video in the van without much success. I know the Ipod videos work with the cable I have because I have successfully watched the videos on my home TV with the same cable. When I plug in the audio and video cables, I am getting the sound through the radio but there is no video to the screen. I press the video button on my remote to scan through all of my video options and when it gets to Aux rear video, I see a blue screen. Is there something I am missing before I run the van down to the dealer for answers. I love this forum. Thanks to all of the members because they have been a great help to me when purchasing my van.

The van is a 2011 EX-L res. Love the van. Less than 30 days old.
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Can you try another video source like a portable DVD player? If that too doesn't work, then off to the dealer you go. If it works its not the van.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Wife finally got home from work and I tried the Kodak camcorder and everythings worked fine, picture and video. I then tried the Ipod Touch again and now it works fine. There my be a ghost in the van that is playing games with me. I appreciate your help.
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