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Rear door alarm buzzer

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I own a '99 Ody. Purchased in June '99, now has about 27k miles. Since purchase I have been frustrated by intermittent rear door problems. (Once I was so frustrated at not being able to open the left rear door I tore the handle off I pulled so hard. The service rep at the dealership raised his eyebrows when I brought it in and said he guessed they could treat it as a warranty item!)

I'm guessing the dealer has had it 6 or 7 times for various symptoms since purchase though not once in the last year. I thought they'd fixed them once and for all.

Yesterday, I hit a small bump while making a left turn and the warning buzzer for the left rear door started up. It's happened 5 or 6 times since then. The only way to stop it (aside from turning off the doors) is to stop, turn off car, open and close left rear door. I figure this is an alignment problem of some kind.

Question: How do I handle this problem (that won't seem to go away) as I approach the end of the warranty period? Any chance of wringing some kind of extesnion of the warranty as far as the doors go post June '02? GO directly to the district Honda person?

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My 99 has been in for similar repairs 6 times. Once they installed a new latch assembly and the latest is a new improved junction switch on both doors. This was two weeks ago and today the driver's door was beeping while driving and wouldn't respond at all. There is finally the light on the dash for the sliding door which I was told was needed to "throw a code". We're taking it in tomorrow -dealer doesn't know it yet, but they will soon-So who knows. The Honda rep told me last time that the new switch should solve the problem. He also sent me a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty extension on the door at my request.
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