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I have a 2004 with 120,000 miles. The road noise seemed too high. Paid to have the front bearing changed, and noise went down a little. Bought my own rear bearings and hubs for $45 each on Amazon.

Here are some things I learned from this board and on my own.

This is an easy DIY repair:
36mm socket (free rental from autozone)
phillips screwdriver
torque wrench
breaker bar or extension bar
metric socket set

rear bearing is sealed, and comes inside the hub. You buy the hub and bearing together. About $80-90.

make sure the parking break is OFF, or you cant remove the rotor

Steps(If I miss one, sorry)
remove tire
remove brake pads
check that parking brake is off and rotor turns
remove brake pad bracket arm
remove two phillips screw holding rotor in place
remove dust cap with flat head screwdriver
bend tab holding 36mm
remove 36mm nut (may require helper bar)
pull off old hub assembly
reverse order

first one took an hour, second one took 15 minutes.
dont make the same mistake as me. You cant get the rotor off if the brake is set. No special bearing pullers or tools required. Just the 36mm socket. No big hammering required.
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