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Yeah, I don't feel too much improvement putting a pair of 1695's in the rear comparing to moving the front 02 speakers to the rear. I tried again during the weekend and decided to keep my front "blue" speakers in the rear and only one pair of 1695's in the front. Honestly, I could barely hear the rear speakers while driving and I doubt how my 10 month old baby would tell any difference.
The only time I would hear the rear speakers is when I sitting in the back watching DVD or football (yes, I installed a tuner to the RES) while waiting for my wife in a mall parking lot... But, I would prefer most of the sound coming from the front speakers (that would be behind the screen) than coming from the rear while using the RES. Oh, and wife does not allow me to buy more toys for myself...


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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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