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Hi - I'm new here.

2003 EX-L Odyssey with 102k miles. No complaints - never a significant problem - just tires and brakes.

My rear wiper... the blade arm seems to be disconnected from the motor shaft. I think one of the kids maybe pulled down on it. The motor still runs (I've read the threads that discuss a bad motor)... so I don't think the motor is bad. I assume the blade arm has a splined part that accepts a splined shaft from the motor.

Any suggestions? Do i need a new arm, a new motor, just a new shaft, or ?

I don't want to take it apart until I have an idea of the parts I need. If this does not make sense... I can probably take pics / video to show what I mean.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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Hi, I would first check the hex nut that connects the wiper arm to the motor. On my '00 EX it occasionally gets loose so then the wiper arm doesn't wipe properly (eg, wipes half of the window and ends up below the glass).

You can access the hex nut by removing the plastic cover at the base of the wiper arm. If the nut is loose then tighten it up and see if that solves your problem.:D

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TSB 01-096 Rear Wiper Arm Is Loose
The rear wiper arm is loose.
Clean the splines of the wiper motor shaft, and install a new flange nut.
Rear Wiper Flange Nut:
P/N 94050-06080, H/C 0612689
1. Remove the wiper arm cap, the nut, and the wiper
arm. Discard the nut.
2. Using a wire brush, remove any wiper arm material
from the splines of the wiper motor shaft.
3. Install the rear wiper arm onto the motor shaft in the
park position.
4. Install the new flange nut, and torque the nut to
11.7 N·m (8.6 lb-ft).
5. Install the wiper arm cap.
6. Wet the rear window, and turn on the rear wiper to
make sure it works properly.
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