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Recommendations for aftermarket fog lights

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Has anyone installed any fog lights from say Hella or other manufacturers? I'm trying to find some that would potentially mount in front of or in the same area as the factory ones. Looking at Hella FF50 or FF750, but they might be a bit big. Can't quite figure out what to screw them to. Maybe the Micro DE could be fit into the bumper opening. Any suggestions and pictures would be greatly appreciated. Need to install by 15 Dec.
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I've fitted the Hella FF 75. Can post a pic if you're interested. Also bought a cheap HID kit and put that straight in. it's a 50w 6000k kit and they are really nice to drive with. i found the fit is quite cosy in the factory location, the brackets are mounted to the base of the opening with self tappers into the bumper but im going to have to replace with a small nut and bolt as the screw threads quickly kill the plastic and they are no longer positioned quite right. the "gills" if you like had to be cut off, the ones that sort of form a strike through across the opening of the factory location. hope that helps.
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