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Redline D4 ATF or Amsoil ATF Better for 2003 Honda Odyssey

  • Redline D4 ATF

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Amsoil ATF

    Votes: 7 77.8%
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Tried a search function on this but the search engine kept telling me that redline d4 did not meet the minimum 3 letter requirement for each word searched?

Would appreciate your opinions and would love to hear about your experiences with Redline D4 ATF fluid for a 2003 Honda Odyssey LX. 188,000+ miles on original tranny and I know it must fail soon but there is zero indication of such at this point and time.

Not a fan at all of ANY Honda OEM ATF and just seeking opinions and experiences on the Redline D4 ATF. Currently using the Amsoil ATF for quite some time now and just at the curious stage in replacing it with the Redline D4 ATF.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions.

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D4 might be easier to get a hold of. But experience says go for the Amsoil stuff. Make sure you sign on to be a preferred customer at the same time for major discounts.

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jondotcom said:
Put Amsoil in my reman '99 and still going strong 40k miles later. I think that is some kind of record :)
For a replaced tranny, that is an unusually long amount of miles. I'm saying this anecdotally, from reading myriad posts about reman's that didn't last a year.

Many guys on the Acurazine forum (TL with same tranny) report the same.

Long time, no see, jon! Glad the AmSOil is working out.

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