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i am torn between buying a transmission in the local bone yard, but who knows, may be worn and have similiar issues as mine. Not a good option I think? I found a 1995 transmission with 21,000 low miles on it for $995. Also, one with 42,000 miles for $500 (more reasonable). These seem like a great deals, but i have to take into account that the trannys being 15 years old, did not get used much, so maybe seals dried up. and condensation rusted parts internally. Also, how do i know if these are accurate miles given? I could check the vin on car, but who is to say that the tranny matches that specific car? Are there matching vin numbers on tranny to match vehicle? I don't know. any advice? Miles are low, but time may have gotten the best of this transmission.

Also, What year honda accord transmissions are compatible with my 1997 honda odyssey LX 4 cyl.? Would any one reccommend converting my van to manual shift? i would rather take that approach overall Is it possible? Also, would ya recommend installing a transmission cooler? What brand is best? What type? Keeping in mind that I have a LX odyssey, so the engine compartment is limited in comparison to the bigger EX version.

I have been searching online for a remanufactured automatic trannys I found one company that offers a 3 yr. 100,000 mile warranty for a completely rebuilt tranny for $1995.00

Here is the web site:

I have come upon sites with bad reveiws and some good. The pricing varies as well. I found remanufactured trannys for just under 1000, but i am a true believer of "what u pay for is what you get".

Well, has anyone experience this decision to buy a transmission? If so, what would the best advice be? Are bone yards a smart choice. What, if any companies do you reccomend?

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