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Remove Blu-Ray Player - Add Drawer-Tray in its place

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I have a 2018 Elite, no kids and would like extra storage space in the center-dash location where Blu-Ray Player is installed. Odyssey models that don't include Blu-Ray players have a drawer in that location. Honda Part Number for the Drawer is: 77230-THR-A01ZA.

My Question: If I remove the Blu-Ray Player (leave screen in-place) will that adversely affect the sound system or any other systems in the vehicle? If only the Blu-Ray Player is affected, them I'm planning on removal.

Thanks for everyones help.

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Rather than having all of us guess this, it would be best that you remove it and report back on the effects of such removal. I do not use the DVD player on mine, but at the same time never ran out of room to store stuff. I have a 3-yr old.
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