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Removing Center Storage Comp. & Cupholder/Coin Tray

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Hi all,

Yes, I admit its been a long while since I've been here, but I know where my bread is buttered with respect to my Ody. ;-)

I have a problem: I got a parking card for a new garage that I'm parking in, stuck it on the top of my cupholder/coin tray, then slid the "drawer" in.

I came to a red light, stopped, and heard a "click". I pulled the tray out and...*Voila*! The card is gone like magic!

Okay, so it slid over the top and into the back recesses somewhere in there.

I need to figure how to remove that cupholder/coinholder tray so I can feel around and grab my parking card. Perhaps also remove the center "storage bin" below it.

Can anyone help me as to the secret procedure for doing so?

- Randy

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Apparently there's a locking tab somewhere ehind the cupholder. And it looks like you will need a flat scredriver to unlock it. Here's Handa instructions on how to install the accessory ahtray:

Or you could also remove the radio headunit. Once it's it out you should be able to see what's behind the cupholder. Good Luck!




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Nestor's right on. I removed it a while back but it was hard to see the tab. It is at the bottom rear edge when you slide the tray open, at the middle if I remember right. Hard to see. And the printed instructions don't really point to the correct spot.
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