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Repair passenger side blend door actuator

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My 2007 Odyssey passenger side doesn't blow heat air, I notice the blend door actuator is kind of stuck between Lo and Hi. After reading some helpful posts, I think the actuator(part # 79170-SHJ-A41) can be repaired after being cleaned and greased. I have removed and opened the actuator, but the passenger side actuator is different from driver side actuator, without removing that arm, I can't clean and grease it; can anyone instruct how I can remove the white arm?
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Update - I have fix this passenger side actuator issue. I didn't remove the white arm, only use electronic cleaner to spray and clean it then use dielectric grease to grease; then it works well can blow out heat air now.
tip: when install this actuator, you need to turn this white arm to point to that arrow on the case (you can see the arrow in first picture).
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