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I have a 2009 EX-L with navigation and the 6-speaker system. I think the system sounds awful and doesn't get nearly loud enough to overcome the excessive road noise once I get on the highway. I would like to upgrade the speakers without getting amps or replacing the head unit. Can I just buy components for the front and replace them? Will I be able to use the crossovers that come with the components? How are the door speakers wired to the tweeter and then the head unit? Any recommendations on component speakers that are easy to install?

If the sound is still unacceptable, is it difficult to wire in an amp and still maintain all of the connectivity of the RES and the navigation system? It seems like I would have to run the speaker wires from the head unit to the amp and then back to the speakers. Sounds difficult to hide all of the wires and find a good spot for the amp.

Thanks for your help.
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