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Replacement for technical manual

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I recently had to R&R one of the heads on m y '05 LX. That involves doing the timing belt, drive belt, intake manifold, front warm up catalytic converter, numerous connectors and many other steps. I did not have the technical manual and didn't have the time to wait for it to be shipped. I found a possibly better alternative. It actually is the Helm technical manual but it is searchable and online. You pay for it but you get access immediately and on top of the technical manual you also get Service Bulletins and the same tech tips that the Honda techs get. I had occasion to talk with one of the programmers at the company and he said that you really do get full access to what the Honda Technicians see and you get new info as soon as they do.

The site is Honda Service Express

I used it extensively to do all of the things I did and it was great.