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Take the caliper off the spindle. Open the master cylinder lid and remove a small portion of the brake fluid. A turkey baster (never to be used again for food preparation), syringe, Mity Vac, etc) will take out a few ounces. Leave the old pads in the caliper and compress the pistons back into the caliper with a tool of your choice (c-clamp, vise grips, etc) against the old pads.

Pressing the pistons back into he caliper will displace the brake fluid behind them which is why you created empty space in your master cylinder by removing some brake fluid before you pressed the pistons back into the caliper.

Now is a good time to service your caliper slider pins. Remove them from the caliper, clean out the pin wells in the caliper (brake parts cleaner and a handful of Q-Tips works well here) and the pins, relube everything with synthitic brake grease and reassemble. Fit your new pads in the caliper and mount the caliper. This all assumes your rotors are within serivce limits and/or are not warped.

Repeat the same process for the other wheel. Top off your master cylinder with brake fluid. Remember to pump the brake pedal several time during the first braking cycle as you have to pump enough brake fluid to the pistons to make them move. Otherwise you will have the sensation of no brakes until the fluid is redistributed. Again top off the master cylinder and go bed in your new pads and enjoy.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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