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Replacing door seals on LX

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I took my 01 LX into the dealer for the 7500 mile service. I spoke to a service person and mentioned that I needed the silicone gel stuff put on my sliding door seals, and he said they'd check it out.

When I picked up the car, I spoke with another service advisor. I questioned the "parts ordered" sections of my receipt. She said they will be replacing the entire weatherstripping/seals for both sliding doors because there is a Bulletin on it.

I hadn't heard of this TSB. It's not on the 2001 list. Has anyone else gotten theirs replaced yet?
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I had it done, it fixed the slicking doors, but the new seals caused a rattle noise. I spoke to Honda CR and they contacted engineering. They said newer seals were coming in a week or two. I would wait to have the repair done, don't use the parts the dealer has ordered for you as they might cause a rattle noise. The TSB is 00-091 and was released on 11/20/01.
They said they were on order. Perhaps they will be the new seals. I hope so! Thanks for the info.

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When I had my seals replaced a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was run the battery down overnight by not closing the door completely! Once the stickiness is gone, you have to really close those doors. Come to think of it, I have started to notice a squeaky rattle. Geez.
We had our sliding door seals replaced and the doors readjusted back in 4/2001 on 2000 LX Odyssey..
Our sliding doors were slicking so bad before the replacement that door would be closed but not latched and they would stuck in this position. We would not be able to relatch the door and we could not open it either. With the repeated trips to the dealer to fix the problem, a tech did show us the trick of opening the unlatched door by pulling back edge of the door out to get it open.
Once the seals where replaced the door have worked great. But recently the passage sliding door is beginning to stick again. So I don't know if it is the CA cold weather or the seals lubrication has wearing off.
I will also confirm that I do hear more noise (rode and occasional rattles) from the doors ever since the dealers have been trying to fix the doors. But the noise began happening after the deal adjusted the doors without replacing the seals the first couple of times.
For us we have been happy with the seal replacement and I wish it had been done at the first visit to the dealer.
I could use some good suggestions on cleaning and relubricating the door seals.

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