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Reputable parts?

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Has anyone tried 'partsgeek'? Is they're stuff worth it? Where to buy parts online?? Thx
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Believe it or not my local Acura dealer is where I ended up getting a lot of the parts I needed for my current build. They were even cheaper then Honda on a lot of the parts, but not all. Some were a few dollars more. If you setup an account and hold off on purchasing your parts, you can get multiple offers for cheaper shipping costs. I use Honda website to get the parts number and search to see if Acura has them. In notes during purchase enter the vin number and vehicle details. Lots of parts from Honda and Acura are backordered, so you might want to call/email ahead of time to make sure you can even get the part. This applies to any site you purchase from. For whatever reason they don't update their systems to reflect this, until after you purchase and they tell you. I think they put a hold on your card, but won't charge until they send. Expect some sites to not charge you for some time, and make sure to keep those funds available for this.
Update. I sent a message to them 23 hours ago, and have not had a response. Not sure if it is because I am buying for a Honda, or because it is their discount site, so they just don't care, but I sent them another message asking for an update, since in my message to them 23 hours ago, I asked to pickup the parts I needed to proceed with my build. Which implies I was waiting on them to proceed with any work. Just would have been nice if they would have responded to my message. Which they didn't. I have worked with them in the past with great service, but that was under my other name and account, this one I put in my dads name and opened a new account. My account has several Acura's under it, so I'm not sure if that made a difference.
Yeah, I mention it a lot to people too about the help now compared to pre-covid. They sent me a message yesterday morning asking for my VIN number, but I provided them my VIN number and the make, model, trim, and year of my vehicle in the notes when I made the purchase. I can see it in the email confirmation I got when I made the purchase. So they also disregarded sellers notes. We'll see if they respond to me today. Just sucks being left in the dark. If I can't get a part through them, I need to know if I need to seek it out elsewhere. There are a lot of parts missing from what I can see on the open orders page in my account on their website, which was available the second I made my order, but not available before you make the order.
Update. I got a response, and they told me they were getting the parts tomorrow and will ship them out to me. I mentioned in my last message that I am picking up local, and I also have Pickup as my delivery method. SMH. lol. I asked in my previous message if I can pickup what they have available, so I can get going on some of my build. Looks like they completely ignored my last message, which is strange since it has my VIN they asked for, so maybe too busy to read the rest? I just don't know.
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