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The leather seats are the distinctive feature of every higher grade vehicle. Whether it came with factory leather upholstery, or you've upgraded it with custom leather seats, a material like this requires love, care, and proper maintenance. Otherwise, your leather seats will get faded, cracked, dried, and worn out.

As a dedicated manufacturer of seat covers, Rixxu not only knows how to make them but also how to take care of them too. Recently, Rixxu has extended its product line with Leather Care Products, to ensure that your interior stays protected and always looks at its best. It includes 3 innovative products - Leather Shampoo, Leather Protection, and Nano cleaning brush. Our tech expert Greg has already tested them and ready to share the results with you in our new video review.

View the full list of Rixxu Products for Honda Odyssey Rixxu™ | Seat Covers, Tonneau Covers, Automotive Accessories —
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